A Million Trees
to Finland

A Million Trees to Finland is part of the Silence Project, an initiative of the Finnish artist Nina Backman. Backman sees the planting of trees as both contemporary art practice and a collective action to combat the climate crisis - thus uniting contemporary art-making with climate activism. In cooperation with artists, companies, non - profit organizations and a range of experts, A Million Trees to Finland aims to do what it promises: plant one million trees in Finland. The seedlings are provided by Harviala Oy, Finland´s oldest seedling company.

A Million Trees to Finland is rooted in the Silence Project, on ongoing initiative which highlight the significance and impact of silence, space and nature in Finnish culture. It also focuses on questions about value and identity, and is inspired by Finland´s freedom to roam the land, known as,”everyone's right”, which gives everyone respectful access to the natural environment, including privately owned land.

The Silence Project also includes an education program, exhibitions, and the performative Silence Meal. It´s newest addition is The Miniforest - Minimetsä installation, combining tree planting, plant knowledge, and art. The Miniforest - Minimetsä act as bridges for animals and the surrounding ecosystem, supporting the preservation of an area´s unique biodiversity. The trees and plants are selected locally to suit the specific climate. The first Miniforest will be realized together with Porvoo Art Factory in Finland in July 2021. Further Miniforest are being currently develop in Finland, Italy, Norway and in Brazil for 2021 and 2022.

A Million Trees to Finland is organized by Harviala Oy and the Silence Project.

2021 in cooperation with: Amos Rex, Art and Museum Centre Sinkka & City of Kerava, the City of Helsinki , City of Mänttä, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Porvoo Art Factory and the City of Porvoo, Serlachius Museums, Riihisaari – Savonlinna Museum and Lake Saimaa Nature Centre, Turku Art Museum, Parvs Publishing Ltd., Finnish Environmental Institute (Syke).

2020 in cooperation with: Emma – Espoo Museum of Modern Art, the City of Espoo, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, the City Helsinki, Art and Museum Centre Sinkka & City of Kerava, Serlachius Museum, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, WeeGee Exhibition Centre, Serlachius Museums, Finnish Environmental Institute ( Syke), Parvs Publishing.

2019 In cooperation with: Arto Sivonen – Måndag, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, the City Helsinki, The Finnish Association of Landscape Industries – Viherympäristöliitto ry,

Visuals: Sanna Pelliccioni

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