Viva Granlund


acryl on wall, 2016

Painted directly on the wall of the studio at Tarvaspää, Othervoices shows a horizontal view of a pine – a recurring and essential element in the work of Akseli Gallen-Kallela.

The piece makes reference to graffiti, street art and frescoes, which Gallen-Kallela also made. Granlund, who studied art in New York, predominantly paints in public spaces and on urban structures. She works with site-specific installations, as part of community art.

A work of art painted on a wall is part of the building, place and public space in which it is located. Street art permits everyone to have their voice heard in public without media or other gatekeepers defining who can be seen and whose voice can be heard. From the perspective of its performative nature and content, Granlund’s work is at the interface between activism and art. In her art, Granlund is interested, among other things, in presenting feminist and queer perspectives that are often under-represented in street and graffiti art, as well as in the history of art.


Viva Granlund CV