Sari Palosaari

It’s A Silent Agent Doing Its Thing

Stones, soundless cracking agent, sound of a stone cracking

The work makes use of a soundless cracking agent that was developed for splitting rock and concrete in urban construction sites without any noise or vibration. But whereas the silent and unobtrusive method improves efficiency in construction, in the exhibited piece it works in the opposite direction. The time in the installation makes no concession to the viewer’s schedules. The stones are cracking in their own time.
The silent process that the soundless cracking agent generates also enabled a sound recording of stone itself, as its minerals break apart.
In the Silence Project exhibition in Finnish Institute in Stockholm the amplified sound is heard in the Winter Garden. The stones could be found in different locations inside the Institute.

Blinds (Balcony)

is a sculptural work exploring visual silence. The balcony structure protrudes the gallery wall. It is covered with glasses both up and below the railing. The glass structure frames the physicality of things inside the balcony. The work is a scaled down version of typical glazed balconies in Finland.

The standard sliding glasses and the new trend to install glasses below the railing has created a new type of semipublic space. The residents and by-passers have to choose their relation to these transparent stages. The phenomenon is reminiscent to choosing the relation to social media, but differs from it in its physicality and concreteness. I often see the residents veiling the view.

To explore the notion of silence in our surrounding urban spaces I am borrowing that gesture and using a set of blinds to shut down the upper glasses. Physical presence inside the balcony is created with furniture and other body related materials and seen through the lower glass.