Marja Helander

DARKNESS – Photography

The feeling you get when you’re alone at night on a highway, the band of asphalt stretching ahead forever, a thousand million miles, a petrol station, a sad and nondescript landscape, abandoned yards and villages. That is Darkness.

In her pictures, Helander reinterprets the old idea of ‘the sacred’. Not only mountains, but even an empty petrol station glowing alone in the night can be seen as a mysterious, ritual site, and quite literally a source of energy. Under the surface, the works also embody the potential of death and destruction caused by man. The dark palette and the emptiness in the pictures emphasise the sense of non-places, of landscapes “after Man”.

Photographic artist Marja Helander (b. 1965) lives in Helsinki. She graduated from the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 1999. Marja Helander currently works with a one-year artist grant from the National Council for Photographic Art. Next she plans to focus on conceptual handiwork.