Lise Bjørne Linnert

Tracing Presence – Pulse Drawings

Like breath, the pulse is a reminder of now. A sign of life – giving energy, the pulse rate is also closely linked to our feelings. In the ongoing project Pulse Drawings, Linnert investigates the intense presence that arises from sensing the pulse. Every day she places two fingers, covered with fingerprint dust, on her wrist pulse. The pulse “leaves an imprint” on the fingers that are transferred to a semitransparent drawing film, each imprint labeled with date, time, pulse rate and thoughts passing while taking the pulse. The presence is perceived intimate but at the same time universally valid. The project has been running since 2004. By January 2012, Pulse Drawings consists of approximately 2750 imprints.

65 299 Knots – A Pain Registry

65 299 Knots starts from a personal story. In 2009 I had to go through a thorough surgery that caused pain and a long recovery time. I used the situation to research pain. A daily objective study knotting knots in thin silk thread. The project lasted 92 weeks. I attached the knots to week plans and framed them.

Pain can be invisible and silent, yet constant and load. The viewer is invited to see the work through magnifying glasses.

Across a variety of media, Linnert´s process based work explores concepts of intimacy, presence and an interaction between an individual and the masses. Her work has been exhibited domestically and internationally, at places such as: Stenercen Museum, Oslo, Norway, Pallat House Gallery, Chichester, UK, The Station Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston, USA, Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Copenhagen, Denmark.