Lene Berg

Shaving of the Baroness – Video

Shaving the Baroness can be seen as homage to the Baroness Elsa von Freytag- Loringhoven, who died in poverty and has been forgotten by history. But the decisive factor for me making the film was the central idea about the essence of moving images. It shows a unique moment where the past and the future are not important. It involves a certain risk and a certain ambiguity. The main character is transformed, yet no story in the conventional sense of the word is taking place. The situation is intimate and the experience would not normally be possible to share with others unless it was documented. Even if what can be seen already belongs to the past, it will always take place in the present whenever the film is screened, be it a hundred years from now or a hundred years ago.

Lene Berg´s work has been shown at Whitechapel gallery, London; Art in General, New York and Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis. She has participated in Biennale of Sydney, Contour Mechelen and Manifesta 8.

Lene Berg lives and works in Berlin and New York.

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