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The Silence Project is an initiative created by Finnish artist Nina Backman that brings together independent artists with cultural and social entities to study, share and experiment with the concept of Silence in relation to new urban realities. The Silence Project was inspired by the traditional Finnish concept of “freedom to roam” or “everyman’s right” jokamiehenoikeus that allows free access to forests, waterways and the right to collect natural products, regardless of ownership of land. All Nordic countries share this; a right that symbolizes the very essence of Nordic culture, namely, the close relationship with nature where silence and space is omnipresent. As an exhibition programme, the Silence Project examines how our experience of silence and space has come to shape culture as well as individual identities. In a time of mega-cities the availability of free space, and hence silence, is diminishing thus becoming a luxury. The Silence Project aims to facilitate initiatives with which to preserve and forward the inception of “Silence Space Oases” in the urban environment: creating islands from whence ideas emerge and creativity flourishes – havens removed from the over-stimulation of modern society.

Silence Protest